The most immersive 團隊建設 experience

Host your next corporate or team building event at Fox in A Box, Hong Kong's most immersive escape rooms. With headquarters in Sweden and 33 locations globally, Fox in a Box is well established and equipped to provide the best possible experience for your group.

Fox in a Box undertook the game design and production for the world’s first Red Bull Mind Games World Championships; we designed the escape room for James Corden’s Late Late Show and built the BMW escape room in Munich to develop skills and foster bonding for BMW employees.

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Fox in a Box provides the ultimate immersive team building activity.

We can host up to 32 people at the same time in 4 unique immersive escape rooms. 

What is

Escape Rooms are ideal for corporate events and team building activities. Working together in teams you will have to use logic, creative thinking and most of all communication to be able to solve a variety of puzzles and piece together clues to enable you to achieve the room objective. You have to think outside the box because not everything is as simple as it appears, and the clues are not always in sequence

Escape rooms are also an immersive experience where your group will have to work together in an unusual setting and different scenarios to achieve your final goal - whether it be saving the world from a nuclear explosion, escaping the clutches of a serial killer or possibly creating a cure for the Zombie pandemic! All within 60 minutes!

During the game, players will be pushed to challenge themselves to think outside the box, express innovative ideas. Forget the everyday team & office hierarchy, collaboration is the key to escape where you will be immersed into a unique story!


Teamwork: Teamwork will be essential to complete your mission. Join forces and embrace each player’s individual skills to progress and hopefully succeed.


Critical Thinking: Conceptualizing and applying ideas to create logical connections in order to reach your final objective.


Creativity: Turn imaginative ideas in to reality, step out of your comfort zone & challenge everyday thinking

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What weofferour packages

Offer 1


Our packages are based on the number of players in your team.
10-15 players $240 per player.
16-19 players $230 per player.
– and have exclusive venue use
20+ players $220 per player.
– and have exclusive venue use (see overview below)

Offer 2


Booking 2 games per person provides the added advantage of being able to play multiple rooms – each room has their own individual challenges and puzzles which will test the different strengths and weaknesses within your team. It also allows you to have a break in between games and try our catering options. You should allow at least 2.5 hours for 2 games plus any additional time if you require a catering or drink option once you have finished.
10-15 players $450 per player.
16-19 players $430 per player.
– and have exclusive venue use
20+ players $410 per player.
– and have exclusive venue use (see overview below)


If you have 14 players or more, then you will have exclusive use of our venue for your session. This means your group will be able to choose which rooms they want to play on arrival and how many people you have in each room (up to a maximum of 8).

If you have a group larger than 32 we can run two rounds of games across 2 sessions. This also works especially well if you want to book multiple rooms and include catering either between or after your games.

Each escape room takes at least 1 hour to play the game but you will need to arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand to allow the players to use our facilities, sign waivers and undertake an introduction briefing.

Catering Options

Fox in a Box Hong Kong is exceptionally well set up to meet the needs of corporate and team building events. We boast a professional spacious reception that is large enough to comfortably fit 32 people through a combination of high bar tables, stools and comfy sofas. This along with flexible catering options, provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on your experience whilst enjoying a range of refreshments.

Catering options are available Monday-Friday, for groups of 14 or more people. Examples of our food platters are below but contents may change slightly depending on your choices made and the number of players.  More details and sample pricing for food and drinks are available in our corporate team building brochure.

Escape Rooms

Hong Kong location boasts 4 escape rooms, some of the largest in Hong Kong, which can be exclusively hired for your corporate and team building activity. We are the only escape room in HK with dedicated Game Masters and a centralised control room.

Each escape room has up to 6 cameras, microphones, and speakers so our Game Masters will be watching and guiding you should you need support. With prior arrangements members of HR departments can sit and watch their team in action.

Life Sentence image

Life Sentence

You are sentenced to life in a maximum-security prison. With all appeal requests denied, your only path to freedom is to escape.

Bunker image


Early 80’s, the Cold War. A nuclear launch sequence has been initiated from the bunker. Your team of special agents are sent to stop the launch at any cost.

Zombie Lab image

Zombie Lab

A lethal man-made virus is turning healthy people into infected zombies. You are a team of scientists who need to find the cure before the zombies break into your laboratory.

Zodiac Killer image

Zodiac Killer

Captured by a serial killer, tied up & left in his lair, escape is your only chance. Has the real Zodiac Killer returned from the 1970’s or is this the work of a copycat?

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